Why I Assign Homework
Homework assignments help students practice, review and apply that day's learning. 
Homework assignments also teach responsibility and good work habits
...... character traits that will help students throughout their life

Homework Policy

  • Homework is used to reinforce what you are learning this year and to refresh what you have learned in the past.
  • Use your Planner to write down all assignments, due dates, events, etc.  This is important so that you can refer to it later in case you forget what is due and when.  Parents, you are encouraged to look at this planner to see what your child is responsible for.
  • I consider homework to be practice, not an assessment.  Please do not do your child’s homework for them!  If you want to help, offer assistance on similar problems or questions.
  • Homework papers should be neat so they can be easily read.  Illegible homework will not be evaluated
  • All assignments are posted in class on our Assignment Board and online weekly under my homepage.
  • As per the SSA Student Handbook, NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. If a student fails to turn in his/her assignments, he/she will receive a ‘‘0’’ for those assignments. The only exception to this is when a student has an excused absence.
  • Make-Up Policy

    1)  Students are responsible for all class work and homework missed during an absence.
    2)  After an absence it is the student’s responsibility to initiate contact with the teacher to receive any instruction or paperwork that was missed.
    3)  Students or parents can look on the website or e-mail the teacher during their absence to obtain any work that they will be missing during their absence.
    4)  If a student has an excused absence, they will be given the same number of days that they were absent to make up missed work.
    5)  If a student misses any assignment (homework, test, quiz) he / she must make an appointment to come in at my next tutoring time or after school. 

  • Important: It is the student’s responsibility to inquire and obtain any homework missed while absent.
  • Remember; soccer practice, dance lessons, events, visiting family, shopping, going to parties, cleaning house, or other such things are NOT reasons for not getting homework finished.
  • Science homework is multifaceted, meaning that it could range from reading, current event summary, a read & respond paper, a home experiment write-up, vocabulary assignment, worksheet, etc.

From the Student Handbook:

  • The primary purpose of school is to create opportunities for students to learn.  Students are expected to do their share and put forth a reasonable effort in all classes.  If a student fails to complete assignments, the student may be required to repeat the grade.
  • Homework is an integral part of the learning process. It reinforces classroom instruction and fosters independent study skills. Carefully planned homework assignments should promote positive communication between parents, students and the school.  It is also recognized that time is needed for students to pursue social, physical, and recreational activities outside the school.  Daily work not completed may be considered homework and must be completed by the next day. 
  • Late homework assignments may not be accepted.  If you do not have your homework at the beginning of class on the due date, you may receive a zero.
  • Teachers will inform students when a project or paper that follows this policy is being assigned and will remind them of the grading policy.  
  • The Science Fair Project is the one project on which no late projects may be accepted.  If you do not turn in your Science Fair Project on the Day it is due, you may receive zero.

Students sometimes ask for some extra credit work in an attempt to bring up poor grades. In order to be fair to all my students, no extra credit work will be given to any student on an individual basis. However, occasionally an extra-credit opportunity might be offered to the whole class.