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SSA Science Fair Project Contract

DUE: Monday, September 13, 2010


Parents/guardians: please review this information with your student, sign, date, and return by 09/13/2010.


I confirm that I have read the science departments’ letter home to parents concerning the science research project.  I have also gone over the science research project timeline with my student given by their science teacher.  I will check on the progress of my student toward meeting the deadlines as outlined in the science research project timeline.


Student Name: ___________________________    Signature: ________________________________

Class_______________________                        Period_____                                                Date: ___________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________  Signature: ____________________________



Would you be interested in being a SSA science fair judge on Feb 12th?

If yes, what is your profession and which category would you like to judge?


Profession:__________________ Category: _______________________